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Yellowstone Ray Photos

My wife plucked this piece from the depths of the upper Yellowstone River while on a fishing trip around 2000/2001.

When she showed me this piece my first impression was of some kind of a ray but the piece was very rough and only offered vague suggestions in its shape.

It showed up in various places around our property over the years prior to becoming the swimming ray it is now. I once found it on the front porch next to decorative rocks she had found in her travels. At some point she had been painting something green and the future ray had also gotten a light coat of paint in the process.

One day along the way I picked it up from the porch and took it into my studio where it sat for more years before I finally had the inspiration to start on it. I carefully removed the faded green from its surface and began to reveal what was underneath untold generations of age, preserved by the icy waters of the Yellowstone River.

the body is a species of coniferous wood, the tail is epoxy resin and the stinger is a coyote claw. Inlay of turquoise and cocobolo and eyes of onyx with turquoise pupil. The riser is ebony and the base is myrtle wood.

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Materials: coniferous wood, turquoise, cocobolo, onyx, ebony, coyote claw, and myrtle wood

Size: 17'' tall, 17'' long (nose to tail), 11'' across

Price: $1,850.00