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Piscatorial Archeology Photos

The black walnut is an off-cut I acquired from a Montana wood mill. From the first time I saw it I was reminded of a fly rod or a fly rod case. The Walnut piece sat in my shop, in plain sight, for a few years while I waited for the right design idea to inspire me.

The juniper is from my personal collection and was harvested from the side of a mountain not far from my home; a dead and twisted tree estimated at over 200 years old.

When I knew how I wanted to move forward with this piece I decided it should represent a kind of history of fly-fishing. A rod and reel encased in an old chunk of black walnut, a remnant of a forgotten or lost bit of tackle reclaimed by nature at the edge of an unknown creek in a place where two disparate wood species coexist--a place where rich veins of turquoise might also be found.

The juniper holds the wood encrusted rod up for examination. At the point nearest the reel a taloned appendage clutches a platform for the old rod to rest on.

The reel parts are from a Pflueger Medalist (one of my first fly-reels). The rod components are from a 5 weight G.Loomis that once belonged to a very good friend; it broke while we were floating Montana's Madison River in the early 1990s.

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Materials: Walnut, Turquoise, juniper, graphite, and steel

Size: 51'' L 13.25'' H 12'' at the widest point

Price: $3,245.00