Yellowstone Ray
Yellowstone Ray

My wife plucked this piece from the depths of the upper Yellowstone River while on a fishing trip around 2000/2001.

When she showed me this piece my first impression was of some kind of a ray but...


Future Projects

A sample of wood collected by sculptor Jeff Acord for his wooden artwork

Plains to Mountain Series

Over the course of the last 30 years I have collected, carefully stored, and preserved wood from around the country and some off-shore exotics, as well. I am drawn to the natural forms and flow of woods, especially those found in the alpine zone of the mountains and lower elevations of the Northern Rockies.

I currently have in my collection: some beautiful black walnut logs from the rich, fertile farmlands of southwest Iowa and south eastern Kansas harvested over 27 years ago and aged well along the way; small pieces of pecan from Oklahoma; spruce logs from outside Estes Park, Colorado, that I recovered after they were blown over in a winter storm in the mid-1980s; and large logs of mesquite from Texas. I have numerous pieces of odd and unusual shapes and species of wood gathered over the last 30 years from alpine lakes, reservoirs, and high mountain slopes in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana; some of ages so far back I can only wonder. Some of the most imagination-challenging wood in my collection is the beautifully figured and twisted Montana juniper taken where it stood dead for generations/centuries from various locations around my home state of Montana.

One of Jeff Acord's wood sculptures in progress

I have started creating my latest body of works, Plains to Mountain Series, from many of the pieces in my collection. I have resolved to add less to my collection until the precious resource I have been entrusted with has been utilized; at least a large portion of it.

Several sculptures currently underway in my studio are pieces pulled from that collection of treasured woods. As each piece is competed it will be added to the site with as much detail of the woods origins as I can offer.

Custom Functional Art

I have been blessed by the association and friendship of a master craftsman with whom I often collaborate on custom pieces. We are able to take an idea from a client and make it a reality. Subtle Bend's furniture/functional art is always a one-of-a-kind original with a nod towards the uniquely unusual.

One collection site for juniper

We cannot and do not try to compete with large furniture manufacturers; ours is strictly focused on a unique idea of our own or from a client; always with a heavy focus on sculpturally appropriate results.

Heirloom Furniture Restoration

I am also involved with an exclusive furniture restoration company in Bozeman, Montana. I am always happy to discuss any restoration ideas and/or needs with a client and will pursue that through the Bozeman business.

I especially like the challenge of re-directing or re-purposing old pieces from their original function to something odd and out-of-the-blue.