Emerging Rosewood Stonefly
Emerging Rosewood Stonefly

Stonefly nymph appearing to emerge from a 6" x 2" block of rosewood. Glazed and topcoated for luster and protection, top grain leather pad on base. Carved with small gouges and shaped with riffler...


About the Artist

Jeff Acord

Sculptor Jeff Acord

I come from a family of successful entrepreneurs, aviation professionals, surgeons, engineers, and other such challenging professions. While I have enjoyed success in the technical and marketing fields I never felt like I fully belonged on that career path. In 1995, after much deliberation with my wife, I left the corporate world and Colorado behind and moved north to Montana.

We now live about 20 miles from the headwaters of the Missouri River-the same river that flowed past the southwest Iowa town where I spent the first 18 years of my life.

I have been blessed with a love for art, creativity, and the natural wonders of the Rocky Mountains. I have had the good fortune to study with masters in the fields of carving, sculpting, and woodworking over the last 30 years and have gotten a degree from Montana State University in Creative Arts Enterprise.

I have traveled rough roads where the love of God and from God was the only thing between me and an abyss. I have been unimaginably blessed with a loving wife who has the spirit of an angel and a son who creates beautiful art as though it were a simple line diagram.

The life-my life-between these lines has been a journey that still unfolds and I keep looking at the world around me with the same curious yet powerful joy I did as a child. My constantly moving thoughts are often reflected in my sculptures as an obscure detail or hidden element. I must always have at least three pieces in progress at any time to satisfy my mental wanderlust and to allow my creative thoughts ample room to roam.